3.8. Defense mechanisms and depression (44 min 59 sec)

As with all of the lectures in this course, this lecture contains an audio-visual presentation, the presentation slides, and a pdf text document of the presentation.

Both the slides and the pdf text document include links to references I have included in the audio-visual presentation.

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The slides and text are supplementary, intended as an aid to the audio-visual presentation. It is not essential that you work through these documents. Course completion is measured only on your progress through the series of audio-visual presentations in the course.

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PLEASE NOTE: Towards the end of the audio-visual presentation included here - about 40 minutes in - there is a discrepancy between what I say and the screen. I say, "forewarned is forearmed", and this is correct. The screen reads "forewarned is forewarned" - the correct version is "forewarned is forearmed". Apologies for any inconvenience. Terry.

3.8. Defense mechanisms, coping strategies and depression, text.pdf